Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Dipti Sundar Mohanty

Mr. Mohanty is a Public Health Professional along with Microbiologist having 16 Years of Experience in leading teams to effectively deliver health care services at community and hospital. Mr. Mohanty has worked in more than 35 Health Projects at the Community lebel intervention under different funding agency. He has experienced in good knowledge in health care management at the hospital and community level while working at senior management and organisation. Mr. Mohanty had started his carrier in clinical trial and experience the knowledge in Lab and community from Phase-I to Phase-IV on Prevention of Neonatal sepsis. Mr. Mohanty is a SAS Certified Clinical Trial Programmer in 2011 also Certified on Human Participant Protection Education for Research Teams 2005 from National Institute of Health (NIH), USA.

During the tenure of the profession, he was involved in Various National & Internal Organisation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations, National Institute of Health (USA), UNICEF, DFID-TMST, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Save the children-India, World Vision, Public Health Foundation India (PHFI), OXFAM. He was also involved in ISO & NABH accreditation of Govt. and Private hospital. Also Mr. Mohanty is involved in finding the gaps & innovation health related Maternal Child Health, Hospital at the grass root level. Mr. Mohanty mentored to many Start up Health Tech Company namely BEMPU, SASCAN, Mother Diagnostics, Cerelianutritech, Utkal Care, Ultra Healthtech.

Mr. Mohanty has been involved in many CSR programm as lead & planning along with implementation for Vedanta (Lanjigarh, Jharsuguda), Paradeep Phosphates Ltd., Esselmine Industries Ltd., Thriveni earth & Movers Pvt. Ltd., Adventz Group.