Background and Inspiration:

This project is being undertaken in order to address the gaps in the healthcare sector in the urban and semi urban areas. Through UCCare Foundation we aim to counter the service gaps and bottlenecks in the management of healthcare units, healthcare service delivery to the last mile possible.

UCCare Foundation:

UCF is the CSR wing of Ultra Healthtech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

UCF aims at working on 3 verticals:

  • Designing and implementing primary healthcare programs (Aarogya Bhavan).
  • Training and Awareness – (Training and awareness to health workers).
  • Healthcare on the go (On demand health services)

Our verticals have been chosen after thorough homework of the sector and industry as well. UCF will implement a 3-way plan of sustainability, experimentation and social responsibility.

We look forward to customize our healthcare packages basis the demographics and prevalent lifestyles. We look forward set up 2500 Aarogya Bhavans or similar structures (Govt agency or corporate sponsored) by F.Y. 2025-26.

Objectives and Action-point:

  • We believe in creating tailor-made programs considering your choices and causes you care for.

Health and Social Impact Assessment:

UCF will deploy the existent impact evaluation tools

Our HSIA Process constitutes a systematic approach to the evaluation of a project and its associated activities throughout the project lifecycle.

The process includes:

  • Screening and Scoping;
  • Project Alternatives and Base Case Design;
  • Existing Health and Socio-Economic Conditions;
  • Impact Assessment;
  • Residual Impact Identification;
  • Disclosure and Stakeholder Consultation;
  • Monitoring;